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Exclusive: Sexual Assault Victim Alleges Abuse By Former Youth Pastor

FORT LAUDERDALE  (CBS4) - The young man had one word to describe Jeffery London: evil.

Over a course of years beginning when he was around 9 or 10 years old, the victim said London -- a youth pastor -- kept him in an unlocked room and raped and beat him.

"This man is pure evil," the victim told CBS 4's Carey Codd in an exclusive interview. "A youth pastor child molesting the youth.

The victim said his mother sent him to live with London because London was a youth pastor and believed her son would be safe with him. The young man said he soon began to rely on London.

"My real dad don't want me," the victim said. "My mom don't want me. I started looking at (London) as a father figure. Why would you do this to me? I didn't have anybody."

The victim said London raped him repeatedly and promised him gifts to keep him quiet.

"(London said) I can give you money, games (and) when you get older I'm gonna give you my car," the man said.

The victim said London controlled the lives of the dozens of other underage boys who lived in London's homes. The victim said London controlled what they ate, who they saw and demanded that they keep their bedroom doors unlocked.

But one thing remained constant, the victim said, London's public face as a pastor.

Yet, lurking at home, the victim said, was a man who preyed on young boys.

"He'd teach me about God then the next day -- or the same day to be exact -- I gotta be on my knees to pray and then I had to be on my knees to do a sexual act," the victim explained. "And it messed with my mind in so many ways."

The victim said none of the other boys in the house discussed what was occurring to them.

"We was trained," the victim said. "Nobody knew about nobody."

And when the victim thought of leaving, he said London made sure it didn't happen.

"Every time I try to leave or call my mom, he stop me from calling my mom," the victim said.

The victim said London was even in their lives at school -- at Eagle Academy Charter School in Lauderdale Lakes where authorities say London worked as a Dean of Students. The victim recalled one time he acted up and London punished him.

"He brought me out of class and said your punishment's gonna be having sex with him," the victim said.

CBS 4 News tried to reach the leadership at the school for comment but we were unable to reach them.

Attorney Brad Edwards is representing several young men who say London abused them.

"It's the worst kind of torture that you can possibly imagine," Edwards said. "It wasn't just Jeffery London. Many people let those children -- including him -- down and all these people should be held accountable and should accept responsibility truthfully. That's what should happen."

Edwards fears there are other victims in the community who have yet to come forward. He hopes the victim's story will encourage them to speak up.

The victim is angry and says London corrupted religion to prey on vulnerable children.

"How you gonna say you're a youth pastor and you gonna do this to the youth?" the victim asked.

Jeffery London faces dozens of charges and is being held in the Broward County Jail without bond. He will be back in court next month.

The victim is trying to move on with his life -- getting his education, undergoing counseling and relying on his profound faith to carry him forward.

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