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Dan Marino Enjoying His Current Role With Miami Dolphins As Adviser

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NASSAU (CBSMiami) – This past May CBS4's Mike Cugno went out to the Bahamas to get a taste of what paradise has to offer.

He was able to catch up with a few Dolphins legends at the Dan Marino and Friends Weekend in Nassau where football, golf, and even some charity work brought back old gridiron memories.

For Marino, he's settled into being an advisor, a role he took on in 2014.

"For me it's been a pleasure to be back and be a part of all of it," Marino said. "From being at practice being around the players helping where I can when I can just helping with personnel stuff it's been a lot fun. Really a great experience for me and I want to keep doing it. I love the dolphins. I'm the biggest dolphin fan there is. I want us to do well and I want us to continue to grow as a team and get a shot to get in the super bowl and win it."

Looking around the NFL, former players are jumping into front office roles and having success, like John Lynch in San Francisco or John Elway in Denver.

But right now Marino says he's happy with his current situation.

"No I'm comfortable now with what I'm doing but we'll see where life goes," he said. "You never know where life takes you, you know."

If you ever attend Dolphins training camp you can sometimes catch the Hall of Famer chatting with Fins QB Ryan Tannehill on the field.

While he chooses to keep those conversations private, he offered some encouraging words about the starting signal caller.

"Really, I'm just there to help in any way I can," Marino said. "Ryan's really developed really well. I think Adam Gase is going to be great for him and last year you could see that as the season went on and he got to understand the offense more. And now we've got a whole other year all of us as a group. Offense, defense, the strategy, the philosophy of the offense and all that put together they're going to continue to grow as a team."

Leading the development of Tannehill is second year Head Coach Adam Gase whose relationship with Tannehill continues to grow.

I asked if those two had the chance to be the next Marino-Shula duo for the Dolphins.

"That's hard to say, Coach Shula and I were together 13 years," Marino said. "That was a long time; this is going to be their second year. You know Adam's the guy calling plays and spends a lot of time in the meetings with the offensive staff and the players. So yea that's going to develop and grow and no doubt I love Adam I think he does a great job."

As for the two icons who use to roam Miami's sidelines, they remain close to this day.

"We do some commercials together and sometimes we'll be at charity events together and he's doing great," Marino said of Shula. "He's still tough on me at times when I see him but it's a lot of a lot of fun. He's doing great, I love him."

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