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Crooks Use Golf Cart During Marina Robbery

FORT LAUDERDALE (CBS4) - Surveillance video released by Fort Lauderdale Police captured crooks on a golf cart, cruising through a Fort Lauderdale marina on the hunt for everything they could grab.

They spotted expensive cables at Rolly Marina, and moments later they were loading them up onto the golf cart and driving away like they're casually strolling around the golf course.

Police in Fort Lauderdale said these guys have been very busy over the past couple months.

"We're looking at approximately 11 cases," explained Fort Lauderdale Police Detective DeAnna Garcia. "That's just a very preliminary number we came up with, there could be many others because we have had several burgalries of marinas and yachting industry locations."

Jonathon Bambino is charged in the crime. He and two other are accused of pulling off at least two dozen boat and marina burglaries around Broward and Palm Beach Counties, with many in Fort Lauderdale and North Broward.

"It was right here and they rip it off, they took everything and they cut the wire in the back," explained Jorge Torralbas while standing on his boat in Deerfield Beach. "They board the boat and they start ripping off the electronics."

Investigators said Torralbas was one of their victims. He was hit on Labor Day at his intra-coastal condo complex in Deerfield Beach. His buddy was ripped off too.

"You feel violated," Torralbas said, "because you work so hard, you know, too many hours to make your money. To see that somebody came to your house or to your property to rip it off in a couple hours is terrible. "

Police department around South Florida are still reviewing cases with similar m.o.'s. When it's all said and done, the trio could face up to 50 charges.

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