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Cirque du Soleil presents Echo at Gulfstream Park

Cirque du Soleil presents Echo at Gulfstream Park
Cirque du Soleil presents Echo at Gulfstream Park 02:27

MIAMI -  Prepare to be amazed by a jaw-dropping spectacle of strength, finesse, agility, and unwavering determination. Cirque du Soleil presents its latest show, Echo, a mesmerizing tale of connection, intention, and the harmonious bond between humans and the animal kingdom.

Premiering Thursday at Gulfstream Park for the first time in Broward County, Echo features over 50 performers hailing from across the globe.

"We have 53 performers and artists from 19 countries here. We're like a big family, learning from each other's cultures," said coach Elizabeth Brown.

Among them is Henrik, a world-class juggler with six years of experience in the show.  While juggling 6 balls he reflects on his journey. "I started when I was 14, inspired by my circus family background," Henrik said.

As Henrik effortlessly adds more balls into his juggling act, he graciously attempts to teach CBS News Miami's Lisa Petrillo the ropes, showcasing the art of cascading and tossing. She had difficulties.

Backstage, performers warm up while makeup artists perfect their looks. 

 It's a team effort both on and off stage. 

"Cirque du Soleil is a traveling family that not only thrills audiences but also takes care of each other," said Brown. "Sometimes, you need to reconnect with yourself, rest, and relax. But performing for the audience energizes and motivates us."

Cirque Du Soleil's Echo is on through April 21.  

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