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Broward School District approves supplemental pay for non-instructional staff

Supplemental pay approved for Broward school employees
Supplemental pay approved for Broward school employees 01:31

FORT LAUDERDALE - In August 2022, Broward voters approved a referendum called 'Secure the next generation.'

The money to be raised from an increase in property taxes was to go to the Broward School District for 'supplemental' pay.  

A total of 267 million dollars was raised for public and charter schools.  A homeowner whose house is valued just under $500,000 would pay an additional $310 a year in property taxes. 

On Tuesday, the board approved supplemental pay for non-instructional staff, including bus drivers, clerical, food service and campus monitors. 

"If it wasn't for us your kids wouldn't get to school," said Jim Silvernale who represents the Federation of Public Employees. 

But not everyone was happy with who is getting supplemental pay.

"I think money should be to fill the void of the teacher shortage," a speaker from Pompano Beach told the board. 

Board member Brenda Fam alone voted no on the supplemental pay for non-instructional staff. 

"We are not saying it isn't deserved but not under this referendum."

Despite that, other Broward schools staff members are also getting an increase in pay from the referendum, including sworn law enforcement who work in the special investigative unit and campus monitors. 

The board previously decided referendum money would go for teacher supplemental pay. 

They approved supplemental pay, anywhere from $500 to $12,000 a year extra depending on experience and bumping up the district contribution to pay for the 202 school resource officers district-wide. 

The board approved $103,000 for each officer. The cities that provide the officers would have to pay any difference.  

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