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Broward Residents Preparing Homes, Getting Gas, Supplies Ahead Of Possible Hurricane Dorian Strike

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - It was a beautiful beach day for much of Thursday in many areas of Broward County. But many residents likely didn't get to enjoy it as they were busy preparing for a possible hit from Hurricane Dorian.

Across Broward County we saw people waiting in lines for gas and food, prepping their properties and changing their travel plans ahead of the storm.

Brenda Chalifour maintains a tropical oasis at her Dania Beach home. She takes pride in her palm trees and lush vegetation. She's spending these days before a possible hit from Hurricane Dorian trimming everything back.

"(I'm doing it) so it doesn't become a projectile," she said. "Not necessarily what would happen to my property but I certainly don't want hurt anybody."

She's filling up yard waste cans and doing all the work herself.

Broward County officials emergency briefing on Hurricane Dorian:

"This has to be done anyway. So why not?" she said. "This motivates you to get stuff that you have to do anyway."

Elsewhere in Broward gas stations are doing a brisk business. The Race Trac on Broward Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale had cars lined up for gas. A woman named Veronica filled up and said she's new to Florida but isn't stressed by the storm.

"I live a relaxed life," Veronica said. "Florida's where you can relax so I don't stress out."

William McDougle filled up several gas cans and is doing what many of us are doing — methodically preparing as he always does.

"I've been in Florida 66 years," he said. "It don't bother me."

This morning, cars sat backed up along State Road 84 in Davie waiting to get into Costco for gas. The lines to get into the store were long, too.

"I've never seen anything like this ever," said one Costco shopper.

Brenda Chalifour offered this advice to anyone doubting the possibility of an impact from Dorian.

"You've got to take it seriously," she said.


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