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Broward School District implements new bomb threat safety protocols

New safety measures in place at Broward public schools
New safety measures in place at Broward public schools 02:57

FORT LAUDERDALE - With three weeks left in the school year, the Broward School District is making a big change when it comes to bomb threats.  

No longer will there be mandatory evacuations.  

"We've been doing research and aligning ourselves with national safety protocols," says Superintendent Dr. Howard Hepburn. 

After 175 false alarms this year, including a bomb threat at MSD in February that had thousands of students on the football field for 90 minutes, the district has revised its bomb threat response. 

Now when a bomb threat comes in there will be an initial assessment between the principal, school, police and local law enforcement. 

A credibility analysis to determine if the threat is high or a device is identified and finally, if the threat is not credible, safety measures could be used - including a hold or sweep.

Fort Lauderdale High School had a bomb threat on May 9th that had students evacuated to the parking lot across the street. It was extremely hot and students say only after a couple of hours was water distributed. 

Freshman Chance Smith says even though it was chaotic he favors mandatory evacuations.

Parent Luner Eugene also said he'd rather err on the side of caution.

"You don't know. So, safety first."

Broward Teachers Union President Anna Fusco says she can't endorse it until she's sure it's become part of the fabric of each school.

"Never put one person's life at stake, confer with law enforcement, but we know how the Broward schools work. They build the plane as they are flying it."

"Our decision does not supersede law enforcement. If they say evacuate, it's Implemented Immediately," said the superintendent. 

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