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Broward Authorities Ready For Matthew But Ask Public To Do Their Part

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FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) -- With Broward County under Hurricane Warning, ahead of Hurricane Matthew authorities say they are prepared but ask the public to do their part in staying safe.

"We want our residents safe but we also need the public's help in keeping everybody safe," said Mike Jachles with Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue. "You know doing their part so stay inside, wait out the storm."

Anything that had to do with preparations should be done or nearing completion.

"It's important that your plans should be done," said Jachles. "Your protective measures, your shutters should all be done. Today is the day really to stay inside and get with family and friends and wait out the storm."

He warned residents to be cautious before and after the storm which is when many injuries happen. it's very important to take certain precautions.  If you lose power, do not use candles. Opt for a flashlight since candles can get knocked over by winds.

It's very important to take certain precautions during and after the storm.  If you lose power, do not use candles. Opt for a flashlight since candles can get knocked over by winds.

After the storm, if you lose power and decide to use gas or charcoal grills, make sure to use them outside only when it's safe. Never use them indoors.

When it comes to generators, since they run on fossil fuels, it could be dangerous.

"They should never be used in or near a structure because deadly carbon monoxide can be given off by all of these appliances," said Jachles. "It's colorless. It's odorless and it can kill so use them. Use them outside in well-ventilated areas, if you must."

Also, do not venture out after the storm if you believe it is not safe.

"Everyone is curious to see, curious to see, sight see and go out but it's not safe, until the all clear is given," said Jachles. "There could be downed power lines."

He also said not to drive through flooded roads after the storm because you cannot tell how deep the water is.

As for 911, he says it should only be used for emergencies. For any other questions, call 311.

Click here for the latest info out of Broward County. 


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