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Brent Grimes on Wife's Anti-NFL Rant: "I Think It's Funny"


When Miko Grimes, the WQAM host and wife of Dolphins cornerback Brent Grimes, targeted the NFL with an obscenity-laced rant on Twitter last week, some eyes grew big as many questioned whether it was a good idea to be verbally attacking her husband's employer.

Brent joined The Omar Kelly Show (co-hosted by Mrs. Grimes) on WQAM this weekend to discuss his thoughts on his wife's Twitter outburst.

"I know how she is, I know how she was when I met her," Grimes said. "She has a strong opinion and she's going to voice it. So if I had a problem with how she talks or how she voices her opinion when I first met her when we were dealing with each other at the beginning, I wouldn't have married her.

"I see nothing wrong with what she does."

Comically, Miko's rant occurred while Brent was sleeping on their flight home from the Pro Bowl in Glendale. He had no idea what was happening until after they got off the plane.

"She told me she went on a little rant," Grimes said. "It's funny to me because that's kind of what Twitter is for, for people to voice their opinion and be heard. I think it's funny that it went that big because tons of people voice their opinion all the time on Twitter."

While Grimes is earning a healthy living playing the sport he loves, his opinions of the NFL have changed over the years.

"The NFL ain't what you think it is as a little kid," Grimes said. "It's not that. It's not what you look up to as a little kid and dream about and all that. And I learned that fast. And what I think is sad is Miko is learning it first hand, seeing somebody she loves going through it."

What is the National Football League about?

"The NFL is a business. That's kind of what I was alluding to when I said that it's not what you think, like what you see growing up as a kid, when you starting loving the NFL and looking up to certain players and things like that. It's not that. It's a business and everything is about making money. That's just what it is. Hate it or love it that's what it is."

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