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Artificial intelligence being used in schools, museums to spot gun threats

Artificial intelligence being used to detect guns at schools, museums
Artificial intelligence being used to detect guns at schools, museums 01:00

MIAMI - As gun violence surges across the United States, there is a potential new hi-tech line of defense to help protect schools and other public places from future mass shootings.

Miami's Frost Museum of Science is using artificial intelligence to try to keep visitors safe.

"The AI system monitors all the cameras," said Brooks Weisblat, the museum's vice president for technology. "Every tool helps. Every second counts. You know, anything that we can do to further protect the community and our visitors and our staff."

The technology works with their existing cameras and has been programmed to spot different types of weapons

After spotting a weapon, the AI system then determines whether it's a police officer or an actual threat. If it's determined to be a threat, the system alerts the entire museum security staff and pinpoints its location.

The AI technology was developed by a company called "Bemotion." The company's president, Hussein Abuhassan, said it's revolutionary to have the ability to have AI do it as opposed to human eyes.

"You cannot have millions of people watching cameras all over the world. It's almost impossible," he said.

Similar AI programs, like the one from the company "Zero Eyes," are being used in schools like Florida's Hernando County. The goal would be to get the police on the way before a single shot is fired.

"We can be aware and law enforcement can be responding within seconds after we're notified," said district spokeswoman Jill Renihan.

Bemotion said its program can cost school districts between $40 to $70 per student, per year. Critics of AI say it's not foolproof, but the institutions say it's another layer of defense.

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