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Art of Hip Hop​ Exhibit in Wynwood looks back at 50 years of music genre

Art of Hip Hop​ Exhibit in Wynwood looks back at 50 years of music genre
Art of Hip Hop​ Exhibit in Wynwood looks back at 50 years of music genre 02:13

MIAMI - During this Miami Art Week, a new exhibit is taking you back through 50 years of hip hop at the Art of Hip Hop Exhibit in Wynwood. 

The creators say they wanted to showcase the culture behind the music.

"For me being able to do this, to bring this concept to Miami to celebrate 50 years of hip hop is an incredible honor and privilege to do this," said Alan Ket, co-founder of Art of Hip-Hop. 

The art of hip-hop is bringing a taste of the visuals that go to the music we love so much, showing the culture that makes up hip-hop. 

Showcasing records to shoes and the photos caught on sets of music videos. 

"Here we're not just focused on the rappers because their images in some cases, but the creative individuals that take those images. That shoot those films. that make those paintings. That design the logos. That design the album covers," said Ket. 

"The goal of this exhibit is to highlight the creatives behind it. The photographers. The graphic designers. The logo makers," said Derick G, a hip-hop photographer. 

Derick G is a well-known hip-hop photographer who has shot names like Trina, Birdman and Dj Khaled over the last 17 years. 

He says growing up in Hialeah and being featured in this exhibit means a lot. 

"Next to names like Mike Miller and Jonathan Mannion, those are guys that when I was in school I had their pan-flips and the CDs in my binder because I admired the photos. And now to be mentioned in the same paragraphs with them being highlighted in the same room the same exhibition to me is unreal," said G. 

Before making its way to Miami Art Week, the exhibit was featured at the South by Southwest Festival and South Korea. 

"To see hip hop growing and thriving over the years, over the decades it's amazing. To bring it to Miami now when everyone comes to see art during art week to me it's a perfect timing," said Ket. 

While the Art of Hip Hop exhibit opens this week during Art Basel, you can catch it as it's here to stay permanently. 

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