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Arrest made in deadly Mother's Day shooting outside Miami Beach nightclub

Arrest made in deadly Mother's Day shooting outside Miami Beach nightclub
Arrest made in deadly Mother's Day shooting outside Miami Beach nightclub 02:12

MIAMI - An arrest has been made after a deadly shooting outside a Miami Beach club early Sunday morning.

It happened just before 2:30 a.m. at the Exchange South Beach at 1532 Washington Avenue.

Dvonn Reaux, 28, has been charged with second-degree murder in the death of Marley Case.

"We heard shots and that was it," said Levi Fuller. "And all of a sudden people started running."

Security guard Case was shot and killed in front of the club. According to a GoFundMe post, friends remember Marley as a father who was generous and kind, and who worked hard to provide for his family. 

"A very unfortunate situation,  for an individual to go into a night club where people are having a good time, to cause a disturbance to be forced out of the night club, only to come back armed with a gun, to kill an innocent security guard doing their job in our community," said Miami Beach City Commissioner Alex Fernandez. 

Fernandez says violence like this is happening all over the area, not just in Miami Beach, known for its nightlife. 

"We have a gun issue. This is not an entertainment issue. Why are we going to take the fun away from people that want to have a good time because we have a gun and violence issue in society? That's the culprit here," he said. 

Miami Beach Mayor Steven Meiner said the city needs to take a closer look at the big picture.

"There's the bigger element of, how do we make our city more resident friendly, more tourist-friendly, where we are attracting people who are law-abiding citizens and not people who are looking to cause problems in our city?" Meiner asked.

CBS News Miami Reported Ted Scouten asked what that means for late-night partying, given the city's recent break up with spring break. 

"We're looking at every aspect. I don't I don't think we'd get rid of nightlife that is going to be a fabric of Miami Beach. But certainly, establishments that have consistent calls for police consistent code violations, that the status quo is not acceptable."

Meiner said he'll work with the city commission, as well as county and state officials to look for answers. 

"It's all hands on deck and every viable option is on the table because I am never going to say that this is acceptable behavior in our city," the Mayor said. 

"Very worried. Very worried for us workers around here," said Maria Hernandez, who works near the nightclub.

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