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6 arrested as Miami-Dade police crackdown on intersection takeovers

6 arrested as Miami-Dade Police crack down on intersection takeovers
6 arrested as Miami-Dade Police crack down on intersection takeovers 02:57

MIAMI - Six people were arrested this past weekend as Miami-Dade Police continue their crackdown with other agencies against dangerous and life-threatening intersection takeovers.

In the past, people have been injured and wounded as shots have been fired while drivers perform stunts and try to dominate intersections and by doing so also block emergency vehicles from getting through.

Among those arrested, 18-year-old Kevin Ramosguadarramas is charged with fleeing, eluding police and reckless driving. Twenty-one-year-old Billy Rodriguez and 20-year-old Rodney Brissette are charged with reckless driving and drag racing.

Arrested in street takeover crackdown. Miami-Dade Corrections

Jarosla Legenzov, 18,  is charged with aggravated fleeing, eluding police after an accident with injury or damage, 3rd-degree grand theft of a vehicle, resisting an office without violence and driving with his license suspended.

A 17-year-old boy has been charged with possession of a firearm by a minor and trespassing at an unoccupied structure. A 15-year-old bit has been charged with aggravated fleeing and eluding police after an accident and resisting an officer without violence.

MIami-Dade Police detective Argemis Colome told CBS News MIami's Peter D'Oench, "These meets are illegal. They always lead to some sort of injuries and even tragedies. They are dangerous and among those arrested this weekend, the oldest one is 21. We even had someone as young as 17 taking part in the reckless activity. This is a big concern and can be a recipe for disaster."

Colome said, "When they block the intersections they are illegally blocking the flow of traffic and that prevents emergency vehicles from getting through and hurts the people who have called 911 for help."

Colome said "We are looking at social media and trying to determine whether this will occur but we can't be everywhere and so if you see some type of suspicious activity like this, please call. We can't be everywhere."

"We also want parents to realize that they need to know where their children are at all times and try to go through their phones and let them know that i they are caught in this type of activity, they are going to be arrested and they are going to go to jail," he said.

"If you are caught in this situation, the best thing is to try to get away as quickly as possible and if you can not, call 911 and try to stay in your vehicle," said Colome.

CBS News Miami also spoke with Haleh Gianni, who was on her way to a business meeting near S.E. 3rd Ave. and S.E. 3rd Street where there was an intersection takeover Sunday morning.

She said "It affects neighborhood safety. It affects transport. It affects people sleeping. Obviously I understand it's the Miami culture and it's been around and people like to let it be ok but I think these need to be in designated area instead of residential spaces where they disrupt the traffic and public safety."

Tourists we spoke are concerned about the intersection takeovers.

Kieem Thornton of Atlanta said, "Sometimes people get hit or they hit another car and this can be so reckless."

Steve Larson of San Francisco said, "We have seen on the news how vehicles can block intersections with cars spinning around and we see people getting injured."

Miami-Dade Police say they also handed out 29 citations, impounded 3 vehicles and recovered a stolen car and confiscated a gun.

Colome said they plan to continue working closely with other agencies including FHP.

Detective Andre Martin said more arrests are possible.

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