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5 Ways Kenny Hill Erased Johnny Manziel From Texas A&M

In just one game into the 2014 season, Texas A&M didn't miss a beat without Johnny Manziel. Johnny Football, who is currently riding the bench as Brian Hoyer's backup, might be wishing he stayed in College Station for another year after the Aggies dismantled the 9th ranked South Carolina Gamecocks in their own stadium by a score of 52-28.

The Aggies came into last night's game ranked 21st and many were worried about how Kenny Hill would replace Johnny Manziel and if Kevin Sumlin's Aggies could compete thanks to the departure of the 2012 Heisman Trophy winner. Well Aggie fans, don't fret! You are in good hands with Kenny Hill and here are five reasons why. 

1. Johnny Football is willing to share "his nickname" with you

2. 511 Passing Yards

Hill threw for a career high 511 passing yard against the No. 9 team in the country on the road. Manziel's high in two years at College Station? 464.

3. 44 Completions and 60 Attempts

That other quarterback? 32 completions and 56 attempts.

4. 28 Passing First Downs

Hill completed 28 passing first downs in his first game in the 2014 season. Manziel's high? 21.

5. The Long Ball

Hill threw for 15 completions of 15 yards or more in one game. Manziel's high in his two years at College Station? 12.

I know it's only one game but judging by the looks of things, Texas A&M has nothing to worry about under center. Kenny Hill broke five of Manziel's records in just one game. Johnny Football who?

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