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3 arrested, charged in Northwest Miami-Dade armed robbery that left man paralyzed and in a coma

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MIAMI — Three people were arrested in connection to a February armed robbery in Northwest Miami-Dade that left one man in a coma and paralyzed in the hospital.

George Hibbert, 37, Fallon Davis, 25, and Andre Silvera, 42, were arrested earlier this week for their connection to the robbery.

They currently face multiple charges, including burglary, robbery, and attempted murder, according to their arrest affidavits. Hibbert and Silvera were also charged with illegal possession of a weapon. According to the affidavits, another woman was involved but police have yet to find and identify her.

Just before 4 a.m. on February 20, Miami-Dade Police responded to an anonymous call about multiple shots fired inside an apartment at 740 NW 95th St., where a person was screaming and three people — a man and two women — running away.

When officers arrived, they found the tenant in a "pool of blood" with multiple gunshot wounds. Before he passed out, he told officers that he was robbed, the affidavit wrote. He was then transported to Ryder Trauma Center, where he remained in a coma and paralyzed from the waist down three months later.

After further investigation, it was revealed that while the man was inside his home, Davis — who knew the man — knocked on his front door. When the man opened it, Davis then entered his home and was followed by an unknown man, who was later identified as Hibbert. As the man tried to close the door, Hibbert placed a gun in the door jam and then began shooting it as he forced his way into the man's home.

While inside the apartment, Davis told the man that she knew he had "stashed money" and "to give it up so he wouldn't get hurt," the affidavit stated. Davis and Hibbert demanded the man to give them the alleged money but he denied that he had any. Davis and Hibbert then began ransacking the man's apartment to look for the money and other valuables.

Then, Davis went out of the apartment to meet with the getaway car — a silver Infiniti — where Silvera and the fourth accomplice were waiting, as Hibbert stayed inside the apartment.

Davis then returned to the apartment with the unknown woman and tried to steal the man's moped from his living room. When Davis and the unknown woman couldn't find the keys, they tried to push the moped out but left it because it was too heavy for them, the affidavit stated.

Meanwhile, Hibbert was with the man while inside the bedroom and continued demanding to show him the money. It was at this moment that Hibbert then began shooting the man. The man pleaded with Hibbert and the others to take his shoes and clothes, but Hibbert demanded he give up his jewelry and gold chain link bracelet. While continuing to plead for his life, the man tried to crawl into his bathroom as Hibbert continued shooting him as he lay on the floor. The man was shot about eight times in his torso, the affidavit stated.

Davis and the unknown woman then fled the man's apartment with Silvera, and they drove to a nearby gas station, where they waited for Hibbert before driving away from the area. The affidavit stated that Hibbert's clothes were stained with blood.

The man, trying to survive and "bleeding profusely," crawled into his living room, where he noticed that the group also took his pet bulldog, Chloe. The dog was eventually found abandoned on Interstate 95 by a good Samaritan and was taken to a Miami-Dade animal shelter.

According to the affidavit, the man's gold bracelet was left in the pool of his own blood on the hallway floor when Hibbert and the others left. Aside from Chloe the bulldog, police are still investigating what other personal belongings were taken.

On May 23, Davis — who was incarcerated for an unrelated crime — was interviewed at the Miami-Dade Police Robbery Bureau, where she confessed to the robbery and was charged accordingly. Four days later, Silvera was interviewed and also confessed and charged.

On Tuesday, an arrest affidavit was submitted to Miami-Dade Corrections for Hibbert, who was also already in jail on an unrelated crime and was then charged accordingly.

Miami-Dade Police are still searching for the other woman involved in the robbery.

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