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The best waterproof phone cases for your Apple iPhone this summer

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Heading to the pool or beach this summer? Don't let water ruin your fun. Keep your new iPhone 15 protected with a waterproof case. The best waterproof cases showcase your smartphone in style, no matter where the summer takes you.

More than just plastic, these cases offer shock-absorbent edges and crystal clear protection. Their waterproof seals lock out liquids so you can lounge poolside or play in the waves worry-free. They can help you customize your iPhone 15's look while keeping it safe from splashes and even total immersion while you dive underwater. 

Finding the perfect waterproof case for your adventures can be tough. But we've done the research for you. So check out our findings and breathe easy at the pool or beach knowing your phone is protected. Our curated selection will make sure your phone isn't just slick-looking, but it's safe, too. Now get out there and have a beach blast!

The best waterproof phone case for your Apple iPhone 

Best waterproof iPhone case: Otterbox Fre

OtterBox Fre

Otterbox's Fre Series phone cases are designed for maximum shock absorption, with a durable outer shell and a screen protector that can withstand up to 5x more drops than its competitors. The multi-layer case is made to be waterproof while it also safeguards your phone from accidental bumps and falls.

The Fre cases are waterproof, with sealed ports that allow submersion up to two meters deep for over an hour. That means you can jump in the pool and take some photos while swimming with friends, or if your phone gets immersed when it shouldn't be, you've got time to dive in and go get it.

And Otterbox keeps the environment in mind too. Fre cases contain over 25% recycled ocean plastics, so you're doing your part for the environment by shopping at the brand for a reliable waterproof phone case. Plus, it helps that they look great, too. 

Best waterproof iPhone case for underwater photos: Catalyst Waterproof Total Protection case

Catalyst Waterproof Total Protection case

Catalyst's Total Protection case wraps your iPhone in a durable polycarbonate shell with a smooth surface that resists scratches from brushes with rocks or gear. But most importantly for your summer use cases, it's completely waterproof. It has an IP68 barrier against splashes, storms or dunks up to 33 feet deep.

Your iPhone's camera and mic stay crystal clear behind the case's transparent protection. You can take sharp and vivid photos and videos, even underwater, which makes this a great case for taking under with you for unique snaps and clips. 

It also includes a lanyard that you can wear around your wrist if you're going to be dealing with any action-packed situations. Plus, its built-in wireless charging ability lets you power back up without removing the case so you don't have to chance a splash for even a minute. 

This is the best waterproof case if you plan on going under and taking photos or just playing around on the shore snapping pics together. It'll make sure your phone is safe and sound. 

Best shockproof and waterproof iPhone case: Temdan waterproof case

Temdan waterproof case

This Temdan waterproof case is the best when it comes to absorbing impact. If you're the type of person who accidentally drops your phone all the time, you're going to want that kind of protection in addition to waterproofing. 

This case's thermoplastic polyurethane and tempered glass construction shield the iPhone from tumbles. Its military-grade shockproofing withstands brutal drops while you swim or hang out by the pool. Its IP68 waterproof rating allows submersion down to 6.6 feet for up to an hour, too. 

Like other similar cases, wireless charging works right through the case, so no need to remove it when your battery dips. The glass screen protector keeps display and cameras crystal clear for stunning visuals. 

This is an affordable but protective case that you'll want to rely on when you're out among the waves, and it doesn't hurt that it's pretty attractive, too. 

Best waterproof iPhone case for diving: Puluz waterproof case

Puluz waterproof case

The Puluz waterproof case is made from durable materials like others on the market, but this one is special in an interesting way. It uses a one-way valve to seal out water for protection down to 131ft/40m underwater.

The rotating cover makes accessing your iPhone quick and easy between dives. It uses conductive rubber to give you full touchscreen sensitivity, but its reinforced exterior can withstands pressure when down under the water even deeper. Plus, its high-strength glass lens keeps things look crystal clear and stunning when you're shooting. 

On land or sea, the Dive Case's rugged construction safeguards your iPhone from drops, scratches and dust. Its thicker shell and scuff-resistant make it the perfect companion for diving since you'll be spending more time under the water. 

Best waterproof iPhone pouch: Case-Mate waterproof phone pouch

Case-Mate waterproof phone pouch

Don't want a traditional case to put your phone in? You can always try out a waterproof pouch instead. This flexible TPU sleeve creates a watertight barrier around your phone to keep it safe. You just have to take your phone in and out of the case when you want to use it. 

Slide in any phone up to 6.7 inches, seal the top, and dive down up to 2 feet worry-free. The clear window still means you can control it for underwater photos. It has an adjustable lanyard to keep it secured around your neck or wherever you'd like to keep it, too. It won't protect your phone from drops, but you can trust the pouch to ensure water stays out. 

This is an affordable and temporary way to keep water from reaching your device, so be sure to grab one if you don't need a more permanent solution. 

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