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Save more than $2,000 on a TV during the Discover Samsung Summer Sale

Discover Samsung Summer Sale

Just in time for Memorial Day, Samsung is hosting its much-anticipated Discover Samsung Summer Sale. You can save literally thousands on the company's most popular products. When you head over to Samsung, you'll discover great deals on TVs, appliances, smartphones, tablets, gaming monitors and more. Plus, you can also preorder the new Samsung Galaxy Book 4 Edge computer. 

Best deals at the Samsung Summer Sale

Check out these deals now available during the Discover Samsung Summer Sale. Our in-house team of expert shoppers have compiled this list of great offers you can take advantage of right now -- but these deals will only be available until May 26, so don't wait.

Samsung 75" Neo QLED 8K (QN900C) smart TV: $3,999 (save $2,300)

Samsung 75" Class Samsung Neo QLED 8K QN900C

Snag this 2023 version of the 65-inch, 8K resolution TV for $4,000 (reduced from $6,300). 

You're probably thinking, what could you possibly do with an 8K resolution TV when there's basically zero native 8K programming you can watch on it? Yes, this QLED television from Samsung is somewhat ahead of its time. But, through AI, it will take 4K resolution content and do a really nice job upscaling it to near 8K quality. You'll see more detail than ever when watching your favorite shows, movies or pro sports.

The QN900C offers decent quality built in speakers and a subwoofer, so even without a soundbar or surround sound system, the audio this TV generates sounds really good. 

What sets this 8K resolution TV apart from 4K models is that it offers 7,680 x 4,320 pixel resolution, featuring 100% color volume thanks to Samsung's Quantum Dot and Neo Quantum HDR 8K+ technology. And no matter where someone is sitting, they'll see a clear picture, even from an angle. If you consider yourself an early adopter when it comes to the latest technology and you have the budget to invest in an 8K TV, the 2023 version of the Samsung 65 inch Neo 8K QN900C Series 9 offers a viewing experience that very few competitors can rival.

Now's the best time to upgrade to an 8K resolution TV, since this one is on sale for a whopping $2,300 off.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra smartphone (512GB): $1,300 (save $120)

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

If you're a fan of Android and need a higher-end phone with plenty of processing power, you can't go wrong with Samsung's top-of-the-line Galaxy S24 Ultra. This phone features a stunning 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2x touchscreen display and is one of the few to include a stylus.

We're huge fans of the phone's main, rear-facing camera. It offers an astounding 200MP resolution. This allows you to capture breathtaking still images or video, while take advantage of the up to 2x and 10x optical zoom, or up to 100x digital zoom that's offered by this phone's rear-camera setup.

When it comes to viewing your own video, as well as movies, photos, or any type of animated graphics on the phone's display, you get an adaptive refresh rate up to 120Hz, along with a peak brightness of 2,600 nits. Thanks to the phone's titanium housing and IP68 rating, the S24 Ultra is durable and water resistant. 

This latest edition of the phone is loaded with new features and functions. The circle-to-search feature lets you draw a circle around anything onscreen. Within seconds, you'll learn all about it. This feature uses advanced AI and works in conjunction with Google. Also, for the first time, the phone offers real-time language translation during calls and texts. The note assist feature generates a text summary of a recording or document. Record a meeting, lecture or conversation and have the phone compose an easy-to-review, bulleted list of key points.

During the Discover Samsung Summer Sale, the starting price of this popular phone is now just $1,300. However, to save even more, you could trade in an older phone and get up to $750 in instant credit.

Samsung Bespoke counter depth 4-door Flex refrigerator: $3,299 (save $1,800)

Samsung Bespoke Counter Depth 4-Door Flex Refrigerator

There are two things you should know about the Samsung Bespoke line of major appliances. First, they're all high-end and offer a contemporary appearance designed to upgrade the look of any kitchen. And second, Samsung packs a lot of technology into these appliances. 

Using the SmartThings app, it's easy to control the Bespoke appliances, including this all-new Bespoke counter-depth, 4-door Flex refrigerator. With the help of the app, you can get a detailed overview of what's currently in your refrigerator from virtually anywhere. And with a very light touch on each door's sensor, you can open it with ease. The appliance's door has Samsung's Family Hub built in.

While this is one of the newest refrigerator models in Samsung's lineup, it's on sale during the Discover Samsung Summer Sale, so for a limited time, you can save $1,800 and purchase it for $3,299. You can also finance this appliance for $137.46 per month for 24 months. 

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 (256GB): $850 (save $150)

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5

People love the folding design of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5, because it easily fits in a pocket. Another key feature is the beautiful 6.7-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2x Infinity Flex display that offers a 120Hz refresh rate and a maximum brightness of 1,750 nits. This is complemented by an outer, 3.4-inch Super AMOLED display that offers 748 x 720 pixel resolution, a 60Hz refresh rate and a maximum brightness of 1,600 bits.

This intelligently designed smartphone isn't just about screens, though. It's powered using a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 mobile platform processor and offers your choice of between 256GB or 512GB of internal storage. And since it runs the latest version of Android, you know the phone is both highly customizable and secure. The 3,700mAh battery offers wired or wireless charging and, of course, you get the latest in 5G LTE cellular connectivity.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 is available in eight colors. And with its impressive camera setup, it's ready for you to take your selfies, snap high-resolution photos, or shoot visually stunning video wherever you happen to be. 

For a limited time, Samsung has this smartphone on sale starting at $850, but you can take advantage of an instant trade-in credit up to $500.

Samsung HW-S800D wireless Dolby Atmos soundbar: $700 (save $200)

Samsung HW-S800D Soundbar

The fastest and easiest way to dramatically improve the sound quality of any TV is to connect it to a soundbar or complete surround sound system. Even if you don't have a Samsung television, you can use the HW-S800D with any TV. However, when it is connected with a Samsung TV, it supports the company's Q-Symphony technology that digitally enhances sound quality and more.

This soundbar comes with a subwoofer and is able to simulate surround sound when you're listening to content created to support Dolby Atmos or DTS:X 3D sound. The soundbar is designed to produce pure highs, powerful lows and engulf you in rich sounding audio, regardless of what you're watching.

Head over to Samsung right now to save $200 on this soundbar and subwoofer combo. You can purchase it for just $700.

Samsung 55" Odyssey Ark 2nd gen curved gaming monitor: $1,800 (save $1,200)

Samsung 55" Odyssey Ark 2nd Gen Gaming Monitor

For gamers looking to totally immerse themselves in virtual worlds -- without having to strap on VR goggles -- the Samsung 55-inch Odyssey Ark gaming monitor is the way to do it. This monitor features a rotating, curved screen with a 1000R curve. It offers beautiful 4K UHD resolution with a super-quick 165HZ refresh rate and a 1ms response time.

A few of our favorite features this monitor offers include a cockpit mode (which means you can rotate the monitor to portrait mode), eclipse lighting, and a sound dome, so you get engulfed in both incredible visuals and immersive sound. The monitor is equipped with multiple ports, so you can easily connect your favorite gaming gear.

Snag this monitor for $1,800 right now and save $1,200 off its normal price. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE tablet (128GB): $300 (save $50)

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE tablet

If you're seeking a powerful, entry-level Android tablet, one option we recommend is the Galaxy Tab S9 FE. It's a scaled-down version of the bestselling Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra. It features a lovely, 10.9-inch LCD (WUXGA+) touchscreen display with a 90Hz refresh rate. The display offers 2,304 x 1,440 pixel resolution. 

This is the Wi-Fi only version of the S9 FE that runs using the Samsung Exynos 1380 processor. Unlike most tablets -- especially low cost ones -- this model is IP68 rated, so it's water resistant. It comes preinstalled with 128GB of internal storage, but it also has an integrated microSD memory card reader, so you can easily and inexpensively expand the tablet's storage as needed.

Another perk this tablet offers is that it comes with a Samsung S Pen stylus. And for security, you can unlock the device using a face or fingerprint scan. The tablet measures 10.01 x 6.53 x 0.26 inches. It comes with Android 13 and a nice collection of apps preinstalled, but you can fully customize it by downloading and installing optional apps from the Google Play Store.

During the Discover Samsung Summer Sale, the Galaxy Tab S9 FE tablet is one sale starting at a mere $300, but if you have an older tablet to trade in, you could get up to $300 in instant credit.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 (40mm, Wi-Fi only): $240 (save $60)

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 is a higher-end, powerful and versatile smartwatch that relies on the WearOS operating system. This makes it suitable for any Android smartphone fan, but the watch also fits perfectly within the Samsung Galaxy ecosystem.

This version of the Galaxy Watch 6 it comes in two casing sizes (40mm or 44mm) and three casing color options (gold, graphite or silver). You can fully customize the watch face, and there's a nice selection of optional watch bands.

It offers all of the features and functionality you'd expect -- including powerful health, fitness and safety tools, communication functionality, the ability to stream audio content directly from the internet, navigational tools and much more. 

This version of the Galaxy Watch also features a large and vibrant Super AMOLED display and provides a really good battery life. And it's water-resistant, so you can wear it just about anywhere. Compared to the previous Galaxy Watch model, this one has a larger and brighter screen, an 18% faster processor and improved battery life. It also supports either Samsung Wallet or Google Pay for making electronic payments.

Within our coverage of the six best smartwatches for Android phone owners in 2024, the Galaxy Watch 6 was one of our top picks. During the Discover Samsung Summer Sale, the starting price of this smartwatch is now just $240, so you can save at least $60. Plus, if you have an eligible older smartwatch, you could get up to $200 in instant trade-in credit.

Whatever you're shopping for throughout this Memorial Day holiday, be sure to check out all of our latest sales and deals coverage. It could help you save a fortune.

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