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Five affordable hearing-aid brands we love

There's no denying that hearing aids can be expensive. In 2024, the average price of a quality pair of prescription hearing aids can fall anywhere between $1,000 and $3,500, making this a steep investment for people looking for a solution to hearing loss.

If you're wondering whether quality and affordable hearing aids exist to help improve your daily life, we have good news: there are plenty of over the counter (OTC) hearing aids out there that can help with hearing loss, all for a fraction of the price of more expensive devices.

Save big on your next (or first!) pair of hearing aids with our list of the best budget-friendly hearing-aid brands below.

Five budget hearing aid brands we love

Whether you're on the lookout for a new hearing aid with the best features, the comfiest fit, or the lowest price tag, we have some of the best and most affordable hearing aid options below.

Shop the best budget-friendly hearing aids from brands like Jabra and MDHearing below. 

Best overall: Jabra Enhance Plus

Jabra via Amazon

One of the best OTC hearing aids out there is the Jabra Enhance Plus hearing aid. Featuring a sleek, nondescript design and more than 10 hours of battery life per charge, these hearing aids belong at the top of our list.

Unlike many prescription hearing aids that can cost thousands of dollars a pair, these hearing aids -- Jabra's first OTC model -- offer impressive sound quality and features for a price that's under $1,000. 

Prices start at $799 for the Jabra Enhance Plus hearing aid.


  • Jabra Enhance mobile app is intuitive and easy to use
  • Decent battery life
  • Good overall balance of affordability and accessibility


  • Jabra Enhance app is currently only available for iOS users
  • Background noise cancellation could be a smidge better in our opinion

Most budget-friendly: Audien Hearing Atom 2

Audien via Amazon

If you want quality hearing aids from the most budget-friendly hearing aid brand, look no further than the Atom 2 hearing aids by Audien Hearing. 

These super-small hearing aids make for a great low profile look. With four hearing settings that can be just as useful for people with severe hearing loss as they are for those with mild to moderate hearing loss, this hearing aid offers solid background noise cancellation. 

Don't just take our word for it -- according to Audien Hearing, this hearing aid currently holds a 4.5 out of five star rating with more than 500,000 customer reviews.

These budget-friendly hearing aids are available for just $189 at Audien Hearing or Amazon below. 


  • The absolute lowest price you're going to find for high quality OTC hearing aids from a trusted and budget-friendly hearing aid brand
  • Multiple preset programs can make these a great pick for people with varying degrees of hearing loss, as well as anyone with the inner ear disorder Ménière disease, which can require multiple adjustments throughout the day
  • 24-hour battery life on a single charge


  • Small size and sleek design can make these difficult to maneuver or configure for older adults
  • Sound amplification and background cancellation features aren't as crisp or robust as other, pricier models

Best behind-the-ear fit: MDHearing Air


One of the most affordable hearing aids out there is the MDHearing Air model, the hearing aid brand's latest OTC hearing aid.

If you'd prefer larger hearing aids, which can be easier to configure with bigger buttons and less prone to getting lost, consider this behind-the-ear design by MDHearing. This hearing aid sits snugly around and behind the ear for easy access.

This budget hearing aid offers impressive features like background noise reduction and omnidirectional sound amplification.

This hearing aid brand offers some of the lowest prices on our list, with the price of a pair of MDHearing Air devices sitting at just $297.


  • Super affordable for anyone uninterested or unable to consider prescription hearing aids
  • Excellent customer support according to customer reviews
  • Free shipping, free lifetime support, a one-year warranty, and a 45-day risk-free trial make this one of the best and safest purchases you can make when shopping for new hearing aids


  • Limited tech capabilities when compared to other, more expensive devices
  • Behind-the-ear design can be more noticeable than other in-the-ear hearing aids

Best Bluetooth streaming quality: Go Hearing Ultra OTC

Go Hearing

Another behind-the-ear design that's worth your money is from Go Hearing. The Go Hearing Ultra OTC hearing aid comes with several standout features, such as Bluetooth streaming capability, hands-free calls, and a whopping 20-hour battery life.

Thanks to its flexibility and included measuring tool, this hearing aid is easily fitted and configured on your own -- no visits to an audiologist or specialist required if you'd prefer a DIY approach.

These hearing aids are currently on sale, marked down to just $399 from the original price of $499.


  • Comfortable and lightweight, especially for behind-the-ear hearing aids, which can sometimes be on the bulkier side
  • Impressive battery life for OTC hearing aids


  • Sound performance isn't as impressive as other hearing aids
  • No mobile app, so adjustments are limited to the device's buttons

Most tech features: Lexie Lumen OTC

Lexie via Amazon

On the higher end of budget hearing aid brands is Lexie. But the Lexie Lumen OTC hearing aid has standout features and a price tag that's still half what you'd pay for quality prescription hearing aids, make these worth your consideration.

Perfect for mild to moderate hearing loss, the Lexie Lumen OTC hearing aid comes with multiple pre-programmable listening settings that can be matched with different environments and noise levels. 

This hearing aid is also equipped with a telecoil setting that lets wearers bypass background noise and tap into nearby speakers -- useful whether you're at the movies, a museum, or a busy train station. 


  • Good background noise cancellation
  • Custom features make this hearing aid useful for a variety of scenarios


  • No Bluetooth connectivity

How we compared the best budget hearing aid brands

For a closer look at how we rate products, here is what we prioritized while looking at budget-friendly hearing aid brands: 

  • Affordability: We looked plenty of budget-friendly OTC devices to make sure we only highlight the highest-quality hearing aids.
  • Sound technology: We looked for important features like background noise cancellation and speech amplification.
  • Customer reviews: All of our hearing devices hold a four-star review or higher from happy customers just like you.
  • Comfortability: We paid attention to the design, shape, and fit of each hearing aid to ensure only the most comfortable hearing aids made the list. 

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