You'd be surprised what drives up life insurance costs

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    By MoneyTips

    If you collect speeding tickets like a magnet collects metal and are on a first-name basis with the staff at your local body shop, it should be no surprise that you pay a lot more for auto insurance. However, that established history of reckless behavior and poor judgment can also affect other things -- like the rate you pay for life insurance.

    Most insurance consumers do not think about the crossover effect between factors that affect different types of insurance, but the effect really should not be a surprise. Insurance is based on risk, and certain risks apply to multiple aspects of life.

    LIMRA, an association of insurance and financial services companies, recently released information on the 2015 Insurance Barometer, which included a survey asking consumers to identify factors that would affect their life insurance costs. Many results were expected, but a few were surprising.

    Click ahead for a look at the factors listed by LIMRA. (The percentage indicates the percentage of people correctly identifying the factor as a life insurance risk.)