What are the best-paying jobs for 2014?

  • Photo, file: JEAN-SEBASTIEN EVRARD/AFP/Getty Images

    When it comes to snagging that six-figure salary, it may pay to listen to your mom's advice and go to medical or law school.

    A new analysis from CareerCast of America's top-paying jobs finds that seven of the top 10 careers are in the healthcare industry and require an advanced degree. While these jobs are all pegged to show strong earnings growth through 2022, there is a downside: Becoming a surgeon or physician requires years of graduate school and training, which requires an investment of time and money.

    "There is a tradeoff for every job," CareerCast publisher Tony Lee told CBS MoneyWatch. "Surgeon might be the best paid job in the country, but what it takes to become a surgeon is substantial in terms of cost and years when your earnings are minimal," such as during a residency.

    Many of the jobs also carry a heavy stress load, such as air traffic controllers, who earn more than $122,000 each year but also deal with unusually stressful working conditions.

    While an NBA player or a pop star might earn far more than a surgeon, those are uncommon jobs and as such weren't included in the analysis, Lee noted. The top 10 paying careers are professions "people actually have," he said.

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