Top 11 cities for renting out your home

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    With the rise of the sharing economy, more homeowners are looking to make extra cash by renting out their houses or apartments while they're out of town.

    But not all cities are equally desirable as some witness more demand from vacationers than the supply of properties currently available. Some of the top destinations are well known tourist draws, but other cities may surprise you.

    How much can homeowners make from renting out their properties? Rates range from slightly more than $800 to more than $2,300 per week, depending on the location, according to TripAdvisor, which runs a vacation rental site with more than 720,000 properties. But to maximize interest in your home, it pays to invest some time and money preparing it before you list it.

    Putting up attractive photos of your home can get renters' attention, said Laurel Greatrix, a spokeswoman for TripAdvisor Vacation Rentals. Create a description that's both exciting and concise, hitting on your home's highlights and amenities, she said in an email.

    "Additionally, be sure you're writing specifically for your target audience (whether it's families, couples or groups of friends), and be clear about the type of holiday your home offers, whether it's ski-in, ski-out or beachfront," she added.

    Renters also have expectations about what the homeowner will provide, in addition to a clean and safe home.

    "Travelers will expect to have the comforts of home -- linens, towels and a properly equipped kitchen at the very least. Many homeowners will also stock their properties with toiletries, food basics (coffee, tea, milk, condiments, etc.), welcome packs and more," she said.

    Read on to find out the top 11 cities where home rentals are in great demand.