The top 5 overseas retirement havens for Americans

  • Pakorn Lopattanakij/iStockphoto

    If you're looking to make your dollars stretch further in your golden years, you might want to consider following the growing number of Americans who have opted to leave home and retire in overseas destinations.

    Statistics quoted back in 2012 by The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania found that about 350,000 American retirees were receiving their Social Security benefits outside of the U.S. It also noted some anecdotal reports that more than 3 million baby boomers are making plans to retire overseas., a magazine devoted to relocation and global retirement opportunities, has announced its top 25 choices in its newly released 2015 Global Retirement Index. The top five are a diverse group, featuring nations in East Asia as well as Central and South America.

    While everyone's idea of an ideal retirement spot is different, here are the five countries that International Living says stand out after the magazine evaluated factors such as cost of living, health care, special benefits, groceries, utilities, gas prices, entertainment, flights back to the U.S. and what they call hidden and unconsidered costs such as in-country travel.