The top 10 jobs for Americans without college degrees

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    The labor market may be changing, valuing workers with college degrees over those with lower education levels.

    Yet that doesn't mean that good jobs aren't available for Americans with only a high school degree or some college, such as an associate's degree. The majority of workers fall into the latter category, since just one-third of adults have a bachelor's degree.

    In fact, there are 30 million good jobs for less-educated workers that pay a median annual wage of $55,000, compared with 27 million of such jobs in 1991, a recent study from Georgetown University and JPMorgan Chase found.

    So where are those good jobs? One industry tends to dominate, according to a new study from CareerCast: health care.

    A few other trends jump out among the jobs identified as the best occupations for Americans without college degrees: skills are important, ranging from tech know-how to professions that require vocational training.

    Nevertheless, earning a college degree is a often a better route to higher earnings, given that the Economic Policy Institute estimates workers with a bachelor's degree earn about 56 percent more than those who don't, CareerCast noted.

    Read on to learn about the top 10 jobs for workers without a college degree.