The best states for homeowners in 2016

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    By Amanda Dixon/SmartAsset

    Owning a home is usually considered part of living the American Dream. But becoming a homeowner is neither easy nor affordable for everyone. Even if you manage to make the leap to homeownership, having a house of your own could seem burdensome if you're stuck with high property taxes and insurance costs. Moreover, as a homeowner, many factors that affect the real estate market -- including interest rates and the economy -- are entirely out of your control.

    SmartAsset wanted to rank the best states in America for homeowners. To complete our analysis, we considered nine different factors.

    We ranked all 50 states based on factors including foreclosure rates, burglary rates and property tax rates. We also looked at the median listing price per square foot, the annual change in home prices (per square foot), home affordability and the annual cost of property taxes and homeowners insurance.

    Click ahead for a look at the 10 states that topped the list.