The 9 highest-paying jobs of 2015

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    For Americans looking for high-paying jobs, one field offers the best chances for lucrative remuneration: health care.

    While other industries have been hit by wage stagnation, health care continues to offer jobs with steadily growing pay and big salaries, according to a new study from CareerCast. Of course, not every health care job provides a big paycheck. Some home health care aides, for instance, have joined the Fight for $15 movement to protest their low wages.

    Still, five of the nine best-paying jobs in America are in the health care industry, although they all require years of post-graduate study and a significant investment of time and money. Indeed, some of these professionals can accrue as much as $500,000 in student debt before they're able to start earning high salaries.

    The other four best-paying jobs of 2015 aren't quite as intensive when it comes to training and investment in education. Some of them may require an MBA, but at least two offer high-paying salaries to those with undergraduate degrees in their fields.

    Read on to learn about these nine top-paying jobs.