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See ya: 4 employees who quit with a bang

Greg Smith resigned as an executive director with Goldman Sachs, but not before taking and extraordinary parting shot with an op-ed in the New York Times. Scott Pelley reports. CBS

It's not easy being mean: Ex-Goldman exec pens the "muppet manifesto"

Goldman Sachs exec resigns, takes parting shot

In a blistering op-ed this week in The New York Times explaining why he was quitting Goldman Sachs (GS), derivatives trader Greg Smith said the investment bank focuses excessively on profits, not thinking about the welfare of it clients. "People who care only about making money will not sustain [Goldman] -- or the trust of its clients -- for very much longer," Smith writes, noting that senior executives at the firm commonly refer to customers as "muppets." So what else is new, some Wall Street critics ask? Still, the critique represents another public relations flap for a bank whose role in the financial crisis, along with that of other big banks, has made it an emblem of corporate corruption.

See ya: 4 employees who quit with a bang

KFC File

Supersize it: Fast-food worker says 'I quit' on restaurant marquee


One KFC/Taco Bell employee trumpeted his resignation last year on a well-lit readerboard outside the Depew, N.Y., restaurant. Read the sign, "I QUIT - ADAM / F--- YOU :)." The worker told WIVB News 4 that he had worked 22 days in a row and been denied time-off on the Fourth of July. Happy Independence Day, Adam.

See ya: 4 employees who quit with a bang

Flight club: JetBlue employee quits over intercom, rides emergency slide

Steve Slater quit his job as a JetBlue flight attendant last year over the intercom on a fight from Pittsburgh to New York City. As the plane taxied at John F. Kennedy Airport, Slater made his great escape. He had already dropped a few f-bombs and grabbed some beers for the road when he deployed the plane's emergency slide and took off. Cops cut short his new-found freedom when they arrested him at his house in Queens some 30 minutes later. His tirade briefly made him famous -- and, under the law, guilty of criminal mischief, reckless endangerment, and trespassing.

See ya: 4 employees who quit with a bang

Attention, everyone: Saying goodbye via companywide email

In 2009, an unidentified senior media planner with a large Chicago ad agency shared his or her top 10 reasons for quitting in a companywide email. The sender said the employer "fired all the cool people" when it was "'right-sizing instead of downsizing because of the economy,'" adding that he or she was "moving on to be a looper in the Himalayas." (No, we don't know what a looper is, either.) The person's No. 1 reason for calling it quits: "I've gotten 3 job title promotions since I've been here but no raise. I'll bet if I asked to be promoted to Senior Media Planner Ninja-Czar, I'd get it with a pay freeze until 2020 (sic)."