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How to move to Canada: 10 great housing deals

Following Donald Trump's strong performance on Super Tuesday, Google searches for "how to move to Canada" spiked by more than 350 percent, according to Google Data Editor Simon Rogers, eventually topping 1,000 percent.

Interested in making the move? Toronto City Councilor Norm Kelly helpfully tweeted a link to the Canadian Immigration Service's "Apply to immigrate to Canada" webpage for those looking to get started on the paperwork. For those in a hurry, there's a quick questionnaire to determine whether they are qualified for Canada's Express Entry program.

Some Americans want to move if Trump is elect... 04:12

Other Canadians are also eager to welcome their American neighbors. Nova Scotia disc jockey Rob Calabrese jokingly created a website welcoming Americans to Cape Breton Island, where he lives, should they decide to head north.

"My goal is to let Americans and people all around the world know about what an awesome island we have, and I bet that if people take a closer look at it, then maybe you would think this could be something for you," he told CBSN.

While he started the site in jest, it has received more than 900,000 visitors, Calabrese said. Meanwhile, for Americans it really is a great time to look at Canadian real estate. The Canadian dollar, affectionately known as the "Loonie," has fallen to about 75 American cents as the greenback has surged and Canadian mortgage rates are low.

"We like to joke that as a country, we're on sale," said Mark McLean, president of the Toronto Real Estate Board. "You're paying about 35 percent less when you spend U.S. money here."

Despite the favorable exchange rate, some Canadian markets, like Toronto and Vancouver, may still be outside your budget. Toronto is a seller's market, and many homes are selling for well above their asking price, McLean said.

But there are deals to be found in other parts of Canada, such as in Alberta and Nova Scotia, where the plummeting price of crude has lowered home prices in these oil-producing areas, said Richard Silver, a Toronto real estate agent who sits on the board of directors for the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA).

To help you find a good deal, we took the average sale price (as calculated by CREA) for all homes in a town's province, divided it in half and rounded it to the nearest $25,000.

Whether you're looking for a city with a flourishing arts scene or someplace a little more rustic with opportunities for outdoor adventures, here are 10 great real estate deals for an aspiring American expat in Canada.

Vernon, British Columbia

The Okanagan Valley is nestled between the Columbia and Cascade mountain ranges, offers warmer weather than surrounding areas, a wide variety of outdoor activities, and is home to wineries and fruit orchards, said Richard Silver, a Toronto real estate agent who sits on the board of directors for the Canadian Real Estate Association.

This three-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom duplex in the town of Vernon is for sale for $369,900 (about USD $276,260). It has granite countertops, hardwood floors and an attached garage.

Vernon, British Columbia

According to, Vernon sees average high temperatures in the low-80s during the summer and average temperatures in the low-30s during the winter.


Vancouver is one of the priciest housing markets in the country, Silver said.

"The saying is that you 'go to Toronto to make your money and Vancouver to spend it'," he said.

Recently, the city has seen a boom in film and television production. The Oscar-winning movie "Spotlight" was filmed there, as well as the TV show "The Killing" and the "X-Files" reboot, he said.

This one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment is listed for $374,800 (about USD $279,920). It's located on the top floor and has a balcony, updated kitchen, storage unit and parking.

Vancouver, British Columbia

According to, Vancouver's summer high temperatures average in the low-70s and winter highs tend to stay in the low-40s.


Much like New York City in the U.S., Toronto is the financial capital of Canada. It's home to several major banks and the Toronto Stock Exchange, and also has a flourishing arts and theater scene.

This two-bedroom, one-bathroom condo is for sale for $225,000 (about USD $168,042). It comes with a parking space in an underground garage, and residents have access to a party room and recreation and fitness centers.


Average high temperatures in the summer in Toronto reach around 80 degrees. In the winter, highs hover in the upper 20s, according to


Calgary's population boomed alongside an oil rush in the late 1940s, but the falling price of oil has recently hurt the local real estate market, shrinking home values. This is good news for buyers, Silver said, who can capitalize on these deals.

This two-bedroom, one-bathroom condo is for sale for $175,000 (about USD $130,699). It was remodeled about a year ago with new laminate flooring and paint, according to the listing.


According to, summer temperatures in Calgary average in the upper 60s to mid-70s. Winter highs average in the upper 20s.


Montreal has a fairly stable real estate market and prices aren't as high as in Toronto or Vancouver. "But there is the issue of needing to learn French before you move there," Silver said.

This studio in Montreal is listed for sale for $109,000 (about USD $81,327). But the price doesn't appear to include appliances, as there are none in the listing photos.


According to, summer high temperatures average in the upper 70s, while winter highs hover in the mid-20s.

Ottawa, Ontario

Located just across the Ottawa River from Quebec, this seat of higher education in Canada is home to several universities.

This two-bedroom, three-bathroom condo is for sale for $203,000 (about USD $151,463). It has stainless steel appliances, a fireplace, balcony, and a laundry room with a washer and dryer.

Ottawa, Ontario

According to, Ottawa's average summer highs reach about 80 degrees and its winter highs are in the mid-20s.

Whistler, British Columbia

This popular ski resort town hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics and gets more than 2 million visitors each year who flock to the area's lovely Cascade Mountains.

This three-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom home is for sale for $185,000 (about USD $138,032). It has a balcony, fireplace, stainless steel appliances and comes with a private ski locker. Furniture is included in the sale.

Whistler, British Columbia

Average high temperatures are in the high-20s in the winter and in the mid-70s in the summer, according to

Sydney, Nova Scotia

Sydney is located on Cape Breton Island, which Nova Scotia radio host Rob Calabrese said has been cited by travel magazines for its beauty. Current residents of Maine could feel at home in Nova Scotia, which has similar rough, craggy shorelines.

This three-bedroom, one-bathroom house is for sale for $75,000 (about USD $55,959). It has a covered front porch, washer and dryer, fireplace and a partially fenced yard.

Sydney, Nova Scotia

Average high temperatures in the summer reach the high-60s, according to High temperatures in the winter are usually in the low-30s.

Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

Looking for a good view of the northern lights? Yellowknife, the capital of the Northwest Territories, is known as a tourist destination for people hoping to experience the aurora borealis. It's also a hotspot for people eager to spend time in the great outdoors.

This three-bedroom, one-bathroom mobile home is for sale for $174,900 (about USD $130,497). It has a front porch and stainless steel appliances, and the sale includes furniture, dishes, pots and pans, and towels.

Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

You'd better pack your winter coat if you plan on moving up to Yellowknife. High temperatures in the winter average below zero and average summer highs only reach the mid-60s, according to

Flin Flon, Manitoba

This mining town of about 5,000 people near the Manitoba-Saskatchewan border is named after Flintabbatey Flonatin, a character from the 1905 novel "The Sunless City."

This three-bedroom, one-bathroom house in Flin Flon is listed for sale for $105,000 (about USD $78,343). It has stainless steel appliances, a tile backsplash and a large backyard with a deck, and the sale includes "some furniture," according to the listing.

Flin Flon, Manitoba

According to, the town's high temperatures don't rise much above the single-digits in the winter, but average summer highs are in the low-70s.

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