Can you meditate your way to better health?

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    Two new studies are the latest to zero in on specific health benefits of mindfulness meditation, a form of meditation that involves taking deep breaths and focusing on the moment at hand to clear and calm the mind.

    Mindfulness meditation has been studied for decades, Diana Winston, director of Mindfulness Education at the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center, told CBS News.

    "Mindfulness teaches us to come back to the present moment. Take a breath," said Winston.

    Winston said that while it's beginning to be accepted by mainstream medicine, one hurdle to wider access and health insurance coverage is that there haven't been enough clinical trials -- the gold standard in medical science -- proving its effectiveness compared to a placebo or other treatments.

    But in recent years an increasing number of studies have linked mindfulness meditation to better health. Click through to see what they found and some of the ways meditation can make a difference...

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