Made in USA: 10 great products still made here

  • Made in USA: 10 great products still made here

    (Credit: Weber-Stephen Products Co.) file,KitchenAid

    Weber grills

    Company HQ: Palatine, Ill.

    If you're cooking with gas or charcoal this summer, odds are you'll throw steaks on a Weber grill. The company attributes its success to the fact that its iconic charcoal-grill kettle design hasn't changed shape since the grill was created in 1952. Food just seems to cook better. Why tinker with success? The rest of its line is also high quality: Consumer Reports gives Weber top marks for mid-size gas grills and Good Housekeeping would splurge on a top-of-the-line Weber. Consumers seem to agree, making Weber the global industry's leading manufacturer in dollar share of sales. Although Weber does produce two inexpensive gas models in oversea, all other grills, including all its flagship charcoal models, are made in Illinois. Says Executive Vice President Mike Kempster, "We're proud to be an American company."