From government building to family home

  • Photo by ©Clint Clemens, courtesy of Hacin + Associates

    Where these buildings once housed public servants, today they are private homes.

    Snagging old government buildings and transforming them into unique homes is all the rage these days. Even though many of these properties are on historic registers that keep them standing, they can be left neglected, unsafe or generally underused. Not anymore.

    From old missile silos to former post offices, buyers, designers and architects are seeing a range possibilities.

    In Newport, Rhode Island, for instance, an inactive firehouse has become an eco-friendly abode with unique features harking back to its former life, including a vintage fire pole. In Morrison, Colorado, a bell tower on a former schoolhouse was replaced by a contemporary, covered deck with plenty of space for entertaining as part of home transformation.

    Check out these innovative homes where government buildings once stood.

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