Five signs a loved one is abusing painkillers

  • Five signs a loved one is abusing painkillers

    An overactive thyroid gland can cause restlessness and irritability. An underactive thyroid can make kids lethargic. Thyroid disease strikes kids of all ages, but is most common in high schoolers, says Dr. Silver. iStockPhoto

    1. Drowsiness, lack of energy

    One potential sign a person may be addicted to opioids is that he or she looks tired, and that drowsiness causes the person to spend less time with old friends and skip out on activities.

    Tirado says during the peak effect of using opioids, a drug-taker might appear drowsy with drooping eyes or may look about to fall asleep.

    "While this may be mistaken for 'just being tired,' individuals may demonstrate this pattern at various times throughout the day," Tirado says.