Dozing on duty: Survey finds sleepiest transportation workers

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    (CBS News) For those who are sleep-deprived, a nap on the commute to work may be helpful. But what about those whose job is to help others get to work safely? Many transportation workers, including bus drivers and train operators, report not getting enough sleep and being too tired at work to do their jobs properly, a new poll from the National Sleep Foundation found.

    Some of the transportation workers from the poll admitted their sleepiness has caused serious errors at work. Commuters aren't the only ones who have to worry: Sleepy bus, taxi, and truck drivers could also raise the accident risk for everyone else on the road.

    Which method of transportation poses the biggest threat to commuter safety? Keep clicking to see how the workers fared, ranked in order of how much their sleepiness affects their job performance...

    First up: Bus, taxi, and limousine drivers