7 holiday gifts when money is no object

  • A bespoke diamond-dust filled snow globe: $5,000

    The VeryFirstTo

    While members of the 99 percent may like to shake up their snow globes at the holidays, the superrich will out-sparkle them with this bespoke item. For $5,000, wealthy customers can order a customized snow globe created by artist Leah Andrews, who is described as the "snow globe maker to the stars."

    Andrews customizes tiny figures that resemble clients' family members and then adds diamond snow to provide extra bling. On top of that, five 0.07 carat diamonds are included in the scenery, while five loose diamonds are also part of the snow scene.

    "We look at well known Christmas icons and brainstorm how can we really push the envelop on the icon, and deliver in a form that is truly luxurious and never been done to that standard," said the VeryFirstTo's Knobil, which is selling the bespoke snow globe this season.