5 citizens who left the U.S. to avoid paying tax

  • 5 citizens who left the U.S. to avoid paying tax

    William F. Browder (Credit: World Economic Forum/Michael Wuertenberg/Wikimedia, file)

    William Browder

    Born in New Jersey in 1964, William Felix Browder is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Hermitage Capital Management, a $1 billion British investment fund.

    Browder, a grandson of the chairman of the U.S. Communist Party from 1932 to 1945, gave up his American citizenship in 1998, two years before he co-founded the fund with Lebanese-Brazilian Jewish banker Edmond Safra.

    "Well, my grandfather was the biggest Communist in America," Browder said in an interview in 2006, the year he was barred from re-entering Russia.

    "I'm one of the biggest friends there is in Russia," Browder said. "I've brought $4 billion of capital. I've been extremely supportive in the West of their policies. It couldn't, they couldn't possibly be kicking me out like this."

    Officials with the U.S Department of State had no serious plan to assist Browder find a new home in 2006, after he renounced his American rights for tax reasons.