3 little expenses you can cut to pay off debt

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    By Gerri Detweiler/Credit.com

    If you've ever overdrawn your checking account while trying to live on a budget, you already know it doesn't take a big hole to sink you -- little leaks can do the trick. Tiny, unbudgeted expenditures, if they are numerous enough or if you give them long enough, can do some pretty serious damage. And if you are trying to repay debt, little leaks can sabotage even the best plan.

    All of these are easy to overlook, because they fall into the "but it's only (name your price point under which things are just not worth worrying about)." But before you decide you will never again see the inside of a movie theater, the dog will now eat only generic food and you won't read anything that didn't come from the library, give yourself a small allowance of money that is yours to blow. Too much deprivation can lead to throwing in the towel. Wiggle room can actually make it easier to stick with the cuts you decide to make.

    A big motivator for cutting costs is to get out of debt. There's two ways to put more money to debt payments -- make more or spend less. Once you make some small cuts, you can also look into ways to minimize your interest charges like with a personal loan that can consolidate your debt or a balance transfer credit card if you're trying to dig out from credit card debt. These often require decent credit scores, though. (You can check your credit scores for free on Credit.com to see where you stand.)

    Here are some ideas of areas you can cut without feeling the pinch of penny-pinching.