25 cheapest places to retire

  • By Terence Loose/GOBankingRates

    If you're looking for the best places to retire on a fixed income, moving to an affordable place to live is a key part of the equation. To find the cheapest places to retire, GOBankingRates studied three cost-of-living indexes from Numbeo, an independent, data-driven website that tracks cost of living.

    We then used Bureau of Labor Statistics data on average consumer expenditures for Americans aged 65 and older -- along with the BLS average cost-of-living, rent and grocery indexes -- to further zero in on spots for frugal retirees. In our analysis, we looked at large cities and estimated what seniors can expect to pay on average.

    What we found might surprise you. The list of the cheapest places to retire does not double as a list of dullest places to retire -- these cities are as vibrant as they are affordable, with everything from natural beauty and colorful histories to world-class culture and amenities.

    Check out the full list, ranked from No. 25 to No. 1.

    This article was originally published by GOBankingRates.