12 effective weapons for stopping robocalls

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    By Marilyn Lewis/MoneyTalksNews

    The mobile life can be a good life, for the most part, but along with the fun and convenience is a universally hated byproduct: Robocalls -- calls and texts sent to your phone without your consent.

    They are illegal. The 1991 Telephone Consumer Protection Act and other rules limit telephone soliciting and automatic dialing. But some unwanted calls are legal and others may get past the walls built to protect consumers.

    It's hard to stop robocalls completely and forever. Some telemarketers are slippery devils, constantly finding new ways to fly beneath the radar. You can block most, though, using apps, phone features, common sense and by signing up for protection through a federal registry.

    Click ahead for a look at 12 of the best ways to protect yourself from robocalls.