11 jobs with the biggest share of older workers

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    For evidence of the graying of America, look no further than the country's workforce.

    Older people are working at higher rates than they did a decade ago, while the U.S. economy still hasn't recovered from its post-recession decline in workforce participation.

    Some older Americans may not be ready to retire, while others might be working into their 70s out of necessity, given that almost one out of 10 people over 65 years old lives in poverty. One thing is for sure: The share of older workers will only grow over the next several decades.

    By 2022, almost one out of four men over the age of 65 are projected to be in the workforce, while one out of five senior women will still be working, according to Population Reference Bureau.

    The share of workers between 70 to 74 years old has shown the biggest increase in workforce participation since 2008, rising by about 3 percentage points, according to Pew. By contrast, there are now 2.1 percent fewer workers between 25 and 34 years old in the workforce compared with a decade ago.

    So where are older Americans working? The jobs are a mix of old-school professions and jobs that require both brains and brawn. Older workers are less likely to be employed in tech-related or mathematical jobs, as well as food preparation and construction work, according to Pew.

    Read on to learn about the 11 professions with the greatest share of workers over the age of 70, according to data analysis from employment site Indeed.com.