10 things to know before you book a cruise

  • James Steidl/Kyle Gruba/iStockphoto

    By Brandon Ballenger/MoneyTalksNews

    More than 20 million people went on cruises last year, spending an average of $1,770 per passenger per week, according to statistics from the American Association of Port Authorities. The advantages people find in this type of travel include the opportunity to explore multiple destinations without checking in and out of hotels, having amenities and entertainment all in one place, and the chance to make friends with fellow travelers. Because the price covers transportation, lodging and at least some of the food, it's not cheap, but it can be reasonable.

    But before you say "anchors aweigh," it will pay to learn a little about cruising. Because while an all-inclusive bundle sounds great, you could encounter fishy pricing structures within the cruise world that you need to understand.

    To find out how to best enjoy smooth sailing and good value, we checked in with Stewart Chiron. He's taken more than 100 cruises in the past 25 years and maintains CruiseGuy.com.

    Click ahead for his top 10 tips.