10 of the worst DIY projects for your home

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    The Internet is full of do-it-yourself home renovation tutorials, but executing them well can be much harder than clicking play on a YouTube video and following along.

    Sometimes even simple projects that seem like quick fixes can wind up in disaster if the DIY-er doesn't have the right permits, materials or experience to get the job done correctly.

    Although the risk is usually low of doing real damage beyond creating something that isn't aesthetically pleasing, a mistake could also translate into tens of thousands of dollars lost when it comes time to sell.

    "Buyers right now are really savvy," said Danny Hertzberg, a member of the Miami, Florida-based luxury real estate sales team called The Jills. "They've done their research online through Trulia or Zillow, they're watching HGTV and they know their market data. When they're comparing homes and see that two have DIY projects that didn't work out and one has a professionally done renovation, buyers are going to go for that (third) house."

    Long story short: Sometimes, it's worth the extra cash to go with a pro. Investing in a property upfront has the potential to pay off big down the line.

    Here are 10 common DIY mistakes to avoid.

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