10 celebrity homes on the market

  • Photo courtesy of Zillow

    With the luxury real estate market on the upswing, A-list movie starts and big-name musicians have been making a lot of moves lately.

    A number of unique celebrity-owned homes have hit the market recently, notable for their individual personalities and the unique priorities of being a piece of celebrity real estate. Celebrities have different priorities than the rest of us when it comes to real estate. According to real estate brokerage RedFin, well-known personalities are often looking for luxury, modern properties with landscaping that provides good security and privacy -- and maybe a separate room for dressing.

    Of course, that means when it's time for these celebrities to walk away from a home, they face a different set of challenges in the market. High price points, custom amenities and unwanted attention from fans often make homes of the rich and famous difficult to sell. That's partly why many celebrities end up buying from each other.

    Take a look at these 10 multimillion-dollar celebrity home listings that are as unique as their owners.

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