10 best countries to live and work abroad 2012

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    (MoneyWatch) See how this list compares to last year's rankings of the 10 best countries to live and work abroad.

    As the economy continues to crawl out of its slump, more businesses will expand into new markets overseas, looking for a new set of consumers and a new labor force. That means there's opportunity for career-minded people willing to start a new life abroad with a global company.

    According to HSBC's latest expat survey, expat wealth remains widely immune to global economic troubles, even in countries which have experienced turbulence over the years.

    These 10 countries offer more than great economic opportunity, according to the survey. They also provide new residents a good environment for raising a family and a great overall experience -- respondents reported having an easy time adapting the local culture, getting used to local foods and meeting new friends.

    Click through to see the top 10 countries according to the survey. See also: 10 Best Places to Retire

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