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Woman Helping Others After Her Own Struggle With Infertility

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Liz and Michael Platt will be the first to tell you that being parents of 2-year-old twin boys can be a challenge. But they will also be the first tell you that it is the greatest joy of their life.

"It's love, it's fun. Basically they are miracles," Liz said.

But this almost did not happen. The road to have children for the Platts began when Liz was 39. It may seem young enough, but even at that age her chances of getting pregnant were very low.

"We tried on our own for a year or so before realizing that it was time to start the IVF process," she said.

After eight rounds of in vitro fertilization, including using an egg donor, nothing was working. They saw many different doctors and the more they were told to keep along the same path, the harder it became.

"Procedure after procedure after biopsy, you really, you're a different person," Liz said.

"I didn't know if we would ever get through it, and the prospect of going through all that and not ending up with a child was just absolutely daunting," Michael said.

Finally, what Liz suspected all along would turn out to be true -- using a surrogate would be the answer and that is how her little ones came to be.

But she felt all along no matter how many doctors they saw, they were navigating the waters alone.

"It would have been wonderful to have somebody there to guide us, as the intended parents through the process," Liz said.

The journey was a long one for the Platts, but, of course, they have no regrets. Still, through it all they realized just how many others were caught in the maze of infertility. Liz realized that she had to help.

"I work with couples and individuals who are going through infertility. I start with them from the beginning and walk then through their entire journey until a successful outcome," she said.

Liz is now guiding others through the journey, saving them research, time and money.

To do this, she gave up a successful career in the music industry, but she has no regrets and knows that she is making a difference.

"Unbelievable. I have three babies on the way, one in January, one due in April and one due in May and it's just an astounding thing," she said.
With their two little boys, the Platts feel blessed. Now they hope their story will inspire others. They say sometimes, it just takes baby steps.

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