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What you need to pack in your go-bag in case of an emergency

How to prepare your go-bag for the next earthquake emergency
How to prepare your go-bag for the next earthquake emergency 02:19

When the ground shakes in Southern California it's a reminder to prepare for an emergency. One of the easiest things to do is to prepare a go-bag.

"You may lose a lot of stuff in an earthquake," said Deputy Director of Emergency Management Lee Kaser. "To have that go-bag ready to go whether it's in your car or at your bedside could be a matter of life and death for your family."

The idea is to have it stocked with supplies to get your family through the first 72 hours and readily available in case of an earthquake. 

"Batteries, and multiple batteries, different sizes to go with different things," said Kaser. "You want to have a drinking supply of water that can last up to three days including food. We do have meals ready to eat — you can buy these at various stores — or any other types of dry goods that will last."

It's good to have a few medical supplies like a first aid kit, a tourniquet, a whistle and a pocket knife. Kaser also recommends preppers should pack an adjustable wrench to turn off gas or water leaks in their home. 

"A gas leak could be just as dangerous after the earthquake," said Kaser. 

He also recommends you pack your medications, cash, food for your pets, an extra set of prescription glasses and, maybe most importantly, your ID. 

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