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What Stupid, Ridiculous Survey Just Said LA Was One Of Nation's Rudest Cities? #$%*# Them!

LOS ANGELES ( —  Ready for a rude awakening?

A new survey says LA is one of America's rudest cities. On a positive note, Los Angeles was not deemed "the" worst.

But KCAL9's Rachel Kim says LA does rank (operative word being rank) right up there.

Many people are drawn to Los Angeles by our city's glitz and glamour. But Travel and Leisure Magazine says visitors beware: LA is the fourth rudest city in America!

"I would agree," says Leann Fyvie from New York City.

"In downtown LA and the Hollywood area, a little bit more. As you get closer to the beach and the westside, not as much," said Eddie Fyvie.

"Actually, we've been having a good time, rudeness, we haven't seen that problem yet," said Eric McLaughlin, visiting here from Tennessee.

The magazine recently revealed its list of America's Rudest Cities.

Their readers didn't show the City of Brotherly Love much love, Philadelphia came in at number five.

LA was ranked ruder at number four.

New York City rubbed travelers the wrong way even more, at number three. Three? Fugetaboutit!

A normally mellow Phoenix surprised many ranking at number two.

And the rudest city of all - Miami topped the list.

"I was gonna say maybe Miami," said Leanne Lorenzo who is from Florida. She was not surprised to see Miami on the list ranked so high. "There's a lot of snobby people there," she said.

After Kim spoke to tourists, she wanted to find out from LA residents: Are we rude?

"Everyone can be lovely, everyone can be great, you just have to meet the right people," said Elaine Burke from Orange County.

"Depends if you're walking or driving. Sometimes driving, you think it's the worst city in the world," says Roberr Sprayberry from Hollywood.

"I look up and say hello and I try to look up at people and they look down. They're just crabby, I think the traffic makes people really crabby here," says Studio City resident Christina Derochemont.

Locals and tourists agree on one thing: The rudest thing in LA are the drivers.

"It's just like zoom, zoom, zoom, you go that way. Plus honking, you are standing for the pedestrians to cross, and you have people honking," said Lakshimi Thomas visiting from India.

"Driving especially I would say, I hear lots of beeping, almost where it gives you anxiety," says Leann Fyvie.

Rude or not, the people Kim talked to still love LA!

"So far so good," said McLaughin from Tennessee.

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