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What Are Unique, Science-Based Careers In Engineering?

By Karen Ulvestad

California's STEAM educational system addresses science and technology through engineering and art with a foundation of math. This program incorporates these concepts into lessons that cover most learning styles and help young people understand the diversity of the field of engineering. There are many different types of engineers that work within the realms of food, environment, and medical sciences. These specialties require an engineering degree with an additional Bachelor's degree in the scientific area of interest.

Biomedical engineers

Biomedical engineers work within the medical sciences. These engineers may design medical equipment that diagnoses health problems, saving peoples' lives in emergencies. Or they may create drawings of a prosthetic that out-performs current models. They engineer artificial internal organs and other body parts for transplants. These engineers focus on biomedical machines and other needs of the industry. The average salary for a biomedical engineer is $63,000 per year.

Environmental engineers

Environmental engineers work on designing solutions for environmental issues. These engineers improve the recycling process, water and air pollution, waste disposal, and issues surrounding public health. They focus on soil science, chemistry, and biology to improve the world's environmental challenges. This is a fast-growing field that is fueled by the water needs of the western United States.The average salary for an environmental engineer is $62,700 per year.

Electronics engineers 

Electronics engineers are categorized as electrical engineers. They focus on non-linear and active electrical components for electronic devices and circuits. These engineers design transistors, integrated circuits, and diodes for electronic circuits. Currently, the biggest demand for electronic engineers is in the field of renewable energy. There is a need for the electronics on solar arrays to be designed. The average salary is $94,000 per year.

Chemical engineers 

Chemical engineers design the chemicals that are put into foods, gasoline additives, and drugs. These engineers use the principles of biology, chemistry, and physics to solve problems or improve the processing of chemicals. This includes the transportation of chemicals. They find solutions to issues surrounding chemical production, transport, and usage. The average salary of a chemical engineer is $102,000 per year.


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