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West Hollywood Starts Voting For Go-Go Dancer Appreciation Day

WEST HOLLYWOOD ( —  Mother's have one. So do fathers, teachers, grandparents and bosses.

So why not go-go boys?

West Hollywood is throwing their third annual "Go-Go Boys Appreciation Day Festival and Competition" on Saturday, Nov. 9 at 7:30 p.m.

The contest will be held at the intersection of Larrabee Street and Santa Monica Boulevard.

Sixteen different dancers, well-known around the WeHo scene, are vying to become the Top Seven. Those seven will then be judged by a live audience and celebrity judging panel.

The winner gets $1,000, a Palm Springs weekend getaway and a Frontiers cover shoot. Two other titles (think Miss Congeniality) will also be given out -- West Hollywood Boystown Ambassador and the Embodiment Award (for the dancer with the most-fit physique.)

The competition and festival is sponsored by Frontiers -- a leading LGBT publication --  in partnership with the city of West Hollywood, as well as the Tom of Finland Foundation, Visit West Hollywood, MOCA at the Pacific Design Center, and according to the festival's publicist, "the bars and clubs of Boystown."

Vote for your favorite Go-Go Boy by clicking here. (Voting is restricted to one vote every hour.)

Following the festival and competition, Frontiers will host an official after-party at Micky's, beginning at 10:30 p.m.

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