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Unknown Person Breaks Into Ventura County Animal Shelter, 6-Month-Old Kitten Missing

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — The Humane Society of Ventura County is hoping the public can help identify the person who broke into the Ojai shelter earlier this week and locate a kitten that has gone missing.

According to a post on the group's website, an unidentified person broke into the building on Sunday evening, and possibly stole a kitten that has since gone missing.

(Credit: Humane Society of Ventura County)

Security footage shows the person arriving at the shelter on a dirt bike before surveying the property and attempting to gain access to the building by breaking the door handle of the Cat Lobby. After failing to gain access to the building, the person then began throwing rocks at a glass window, shattering it.

"While the Shelter is staffed 24 hours, no one heard the commotion," the group said in the post. "The following morning when staff arrived, they immediately saw the damage and attended to the terrified kittens that were loose in the cat lobby and kitten room."

Hoss, a 6-month-old tabby, was the only animal missing. (Credit: Humane Society of Ventura County)

Only one kitten, a 6-month-old gray and white tabby named Hoss, was missing from the facility.

"Since the break-in, we have had the full support of the Ventura County Sheriff's Department, and detectives have taken the event very seriously," the group said. "Unfortunately, we have not been able to identify the person responsible and are now turning to our community to help identify him and get the kitten back."

Anyone with information about the break-in is encouraged to call Sgt. Brian Koppenjan of the Ojai Police Department at 805-646-1414.

The shelter is asking for the public's help identifying the person who broke into the facility. (Credit: Humane Society of Ventura County)

"The trauma and cost to the shelter, staff, and animals have been substantial," the group said. "As a result of this incident, we have already made serious upgrades to our security system to further protect the animals in our care."

The shelter further asked that anyone who visits with the cats and kittens be extra gentle with the animals and avoid making fast movements or any loud and unnecessary sounds.

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