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Two Tourists Robbed During First Trip To LA

BEVERLY GROVE (CBSLA) — Two British tourists had a harrowing first trip to Los Angeles after they were robbed by armed men in Beverly Grove near West Hollywood.

"Guys with their hoods pulled tight, could hardly see their faces, jumped out at us, grabbed us," said William Saunders, one of the victims. "One of them had a small handgun on him and pointed it to my head."

Saunders and his friend told police that the two men had just left a nightclub to wait for an Uber when the two armed suspects confronted them and demanded they hand over their valuables. Saunders said he immediately dropped his Rolex watch and ran into a nearby restaurant before the two suspects turned their attention to his friend. Cell phone footage showed a hooded suspect and Saunder's friend wrestling over a bag while in the middle of the street. Shortly after, a second suspect ambushed the victim from behind, briefly grabbing him, seemingly to check his pockets before fleeing. Police have not released a detailed description of the suspects as of Friday night.

The thieves made off with the victims' Rolex watches, a designer bag and cash.

Residents in the area claim that crimes, especially robberies are increasing in this normally quiet neighborhood.

"It's happening so often and living right here in the area it's a huge concern," said Kyle Hennessy, who lives a few blocks away from the robbery."

Hennessy is extra careful when walking around the area after she was robbed several years ago.

"I carry my keys and my phone and I put it in a pocket," she said. "I hide it and I have nothing valuable showing on me cause I think we're all kind of scared cause it just keeps happening."

The two victims were not seriously injured and said that this experience spoiled any idea of a return trip to the city of angels.

"Personally, I will not come back here again after that," said Saunders. "I've never seen a gun before let alone have one at my head. I honestly thought I was gonna lose my life at one point."

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