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Troy Dendekker & Sublime's Bud Gaugh: 'We Are Still Being Blessed By Bradley Nowell And His Music'

(CBS Local)-- Sublime was one of the biggest ska punk bands of the 1990s.

When you think of Sublime, you think of the group's great summer jams like "What I Got" and the tragic death of the group's lead singer Bradley Nowell. A new documentary called "Sublime" details the rise of the guys from Long Beach and life after Nowell's drug overdose.

The film recently debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York and the it brought out a range of emotions for the band's drummer Bud Gaugh and Nowell's wife Troy Dendekker.

The Sit Down: Troy Dendekker & Bud Gaugh by CBS Local News on YouTube

"It was intense and it was good," said Dendekker in an interview with CBS Local. "I was in the bathroom and there was a whole line of girls and they were crying and hugging me. There were parts that were intense and sad and then parts where everyone could laugh."

"It was the full gamut of emotions. It was happiness and joy and then up, down, up, down," said Gaugh. "We always knew this was the greatest music to ever happen. We just had to convince everyone else."

Dendekker and Nowell were married just seven days before Sublime's lead singer died of a drug overdose on May 25, 1996. Nowell's death also came two months before the release of the group's album "Sublime." The album ended up becoming hugely successful for the group. Gaugh and Dendekker had been concerned about Nowell's drug use for a long time prior to his death.

"It got to a point where the boys were sick of babysitting him because of the addiction," said Dendekker. "I got the same way and he needed to fight for it himself. It sucked at the time and I was pissed and angry. We went through a tragedy together. All these years later we are still being blessed by Bradley and his music. I don't think Bradley would've made it no matter what because he was tired and we wasn't a fighter."

"They have to want it for themselves, they are only ones that can fix themselves," said Gaugh.

The documentary was created by two-time Oscar winner Bill Guttentag and is currently looking for a digital streaming home.

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